Jungle London

Last night I had a crazy dream. I was in London but it wasn’t the real London. London was a jungle. Big Ben was a huge tree and everywhere were animals like colourful frogs and spiders which were bigger than my hand and of course monkeys. Everywhere I saw monkeys. One monkey jumped off Big Ben and I think I passed away but it didn’t matter. I don’t know how but I think I was transferred to Madame Tussauds . There were still wax figures but they looked like animals and not like famous people. An old monkey sat on a throne with a crown…………………the Queen?  I walked out. The streets were covered with many different  flowers and plants and little colourful birds were flying around my head . I saw the Thamse and never was I so scared than in that moment. The river was full of crocodiles,  but they were not normal crocodiles , no. They were as long as trees. One crocodile’s teeth  looked like knives.  The monster’s eyes were staring at me and then- “hap “, it ate me. Suddenly I woke up in my bed where my trip to London came to an end. Thank God!

von Greta Koziolek, 06D